Coco septic system for use in Ireland

The Coconut System has recently become a well-known name in Ireland. Along with the Sepcon Coco System others include the Ecoflow Coco from Premier Aqua and the chieftain coco. The coco system is also manufactured and available directly from Sepcon.
The system is ideal for sites that have intermittent usage such as Holiday Homes & Caravan Parks as the treatment takes place by the effluent filtering trough the coco fiber media, which is ideal for seasonal loading.
The Sepcon coco system is housed in a single discrete concrete module that s placed below ground level. It is ideal for tertiary treatment instead of a sand polishing filter

Coconut FAQ

Does Sepcon Supply & Maintain the Coconut Eco System?

Yes, Sepcon Manufacture, Supply and Install Coconut Sewage Systems. Our highly trained team will provide you with a complete service.

I have an existing Puraflo. Can Sepcon I use coconut instead?

With bogs closing, coconut is the only other sustainable and similar type of organic media. Sepcon also offers a synthetic media that does not require changing as often as coco or peat.

How does the coco system work?

Coconut is an eco-friendly, modular waste water treatment system. The system uses a coconut husk fiber as a biofilter, making it one of the most sustainable organic waste water treatment systems on the market with very little energy consumption. Coconut works in conjunction with your existing Septic Tank, Tricel, Premier Tech Ecoflow or Sepcon BAF System where a higher level of effluent filtration is required before being dispersed into the ground..

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