EPA Percolation Testing / Wastewater Treatment Manual 2009

EPA Percolation Testing for Planning & Retrofitting

Percolation testing in accordance with the EPA waste water treatment manual 2009

Sepcon works with a network of highly experienced site assessors across Ireland to provide a full Site Survey and Sewage System Design Service

A percolation test is carried out to determine the soakage rate of soil. The results of the Percolation Test are used to calculate the size of the percolation area.

We design your Sewage system to meet your site specific needs.

Percolation tests are a vital part of the design of your sewage system. Sites with poor soakage will not be able to use a septic tank, you will have to use a sewage treatment unit. We offer Site Suitability Assessments (Percolation Tests) to the EPA Code of Practice standard for planning applications and upgrades of existing wastewater treatment systems.

If you are purchasing a house and there is an existing septic tank onsite, we can survey the unit for you and see if it is fit for purpose. We have dealt with lots of people that have purchased a house with a septic tank and the tank was not fit for purpose and they have to spend a lot of money to get it working. Contact us today to arrange a FREE visual inspection.

Frequently asked questions about percolation testing in Ireland

What is a percolation test and how is it completed in Ireland?

A percolation test is carried out to determine what type of sewage treatment system, including the percolation will be suitable for your property. The percolation test provides us with the soakage value of the soil, what depth the water table or bed is present at and a number of other factors. With these results and the assistance of Geological mapping we can provide you with the most suitable sewage system for your site.
The soakage of the soil in every site varies dramatically. Some sites have good soakage and some are very poor. Therefore a single solution can't be offered to everyone. It is crucial to carry out a percolation test in order to know how good your soil soaks and to determine the maximum height of the water table (in order to maintain relevant separations as per the EPA Code of Practice 2009).
For upgrading or replacements, Sepcon have a dedicated engineering team that will assist in providing the relevant design. For new builds we have a network of site assessors who have direct experience with each local authority ensuring a smooth planning process. Contact us today to discuss your individual requirements.

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