How do I know if my septic tank is not working?

There are some sewage systems that are easy to diagnose as “not working” and there are also some systems that may need a trained eye to make the call. Below are some signs of sewage systems that may not be working:

  • Blockages in manholes or slowly draining toilets.
  • Wet patches in the garden – even in dry weather
  • The septic tank requires frequent emptying
  • Storm or Roof water entering the septic system or leaking manholes
  • Wet areas in the garden around the septic tank or percolation area
  • Lush green grass around the septic tank/soakaway, even during dry weather
  • The presence of nitrates and bacteria in your drinking water test results
  • The septic tank is connected to a ditch or stream
  • Odours from the septic tank or around the house

If your still not sure it is possible to get your sewage system visually assessed by Sepcon

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