I may need to get my septic tank upgraded – what do I do?

Firstly, you need to get your existing system assessed by a qualified assessor. The extent of the works to be carried out will be based on a number of factors that will be determined during the site assessment phases as set out below:

1. First Site Callout & Visual Assessment (Carried out by Sepcon or Client)

Visually assess your existing sewage system Identify any pollution risks such as Nearby or Downstream Wells, Streams/Ditches, High Water Table, Surface Water Ponding, etc..
Identify if there is any surface water entering the sewage system
Inform the homeowner as how the sewage system is functioning


The system is in good working order and there are no signs of pollution.
> No upgrade required or The system seems to be polluting and needs upgrading.
> If so, move to step 2

2. Detailed Site Suitability Assessment & System Design (Carried out by Sepcon’s qualified assessor)

All of the steps above Identify all targets at risk Locate the water table and assess the soil conditions Test the soil percolation rates (How good or bad your soil soaks – T & P values) Design a suitable sewage system that will be acceptable to the required standards Provide a full detailed report and design from which the client can obtain a quote From here we will now have a full picture of what needs to be done to get the sewage system working to an acceptable standard. Sepcon will now provide the client with a detailed quotation to carry out the works

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