My Septic Tank is beeping or flashing

If your Septic Tank or Sewage Treatment System has mechanical components, it generally has an alarm or visual feature fitted to warn you if there is an issue. It is important not to ignore the warning as it can lead to the system not treating the sewage correctly or even cause the sewage to start backing up to the house.

The alarm is generally fitted on or near the tank itself. For some systems the alarm can also be ion the garage or back hall of your house.

If your septic system is not operating correctly it may:

  • Make a audible beeping noise.
  • Flash a warning light.
  • If neither of the above is fitted it is likely an older type system.

WARNING: Never ignore a sewage system alarm,, the problem wont self resolve.

What should I do if my septic tank is beeping?

Firstly go out to the tank and check to see if you can hear a light humming noise from the air blower housing or motor. If you cannot hear anything then there may be an electrical issue with the septic system – see our service & repair page for more information on getting an engineer to service the system.

Note: Emptying the system with a tanker wont solve a mechanical issue, you will need a technician to solve the issue.

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