Septic Tank Upgrading & Replacements

Only Sepcon Manufacture Concrete Sewage Systems, Supply and Fully Install

Sepcon is Ireland’s true all-in-one provider when it comes to Septic Tank Upgrading & Replacements.

We have a dedicated team of in-house professionals who have a wealth of industry experience which ensures you are getting the very best at an unbeatable price.

Sepcon is unique to other firms as we provide a full septic tank upgrade service in-house using our own staff, equipment, and materials. We also can assess your sewage system for a home insurance claim.

There are now grants of up to 85% or €12,000 towards upgrading / replacing your sewage system. There are 3 different types of grant schemes available and they all have their own separate procedures and conditions. Not all areas are eligible for a grant, we will assess your grant eligibility and assist with the application process as part of our service at no additional charge. You can read more about grants by clicking here.

Our clients also deal directly with the same person from the very start to the finish, ensuring you are kept up-to-date with a personal service.

There are 4 easy steps to Upgrading your Septic Tank with Sepcon


Site Visit

The first step to upgrading your septic tank is to have one of our experienced project managers visit your site to assess the situation. All of our staff possess a range of qualifications and experience directly related to their job role, feel free to ask. If you are eligible for a grant we will assist with the application process.
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Test, Design & Quote

We will carry out a percolation test to see what type of sewage system is suitable for your site. When we know what system is going to work we can then provide a detailed quote. If you are applying for a grant , this documentation with accompany the grant application.


Sepcon provide a Complete Turn Key Solution. We Supply & Install your new sewage system. Installing your new sewage treatment system is a stress-free process when you choose Sepcon.

Commission & Aftersales

Once the installation is complete, we will provide you with a full debrief along with all owners documentation and sign off for the payment of any grant. We will also be back after 12 months to complete your first service free of charge.
The fact is, not all septic tanks in Ireland need to be upgraded.
If your septic tank is structurally sound and the percolation area is fit for purpose and there are no pollution issues then a complete upgrade or replacement may not be required. However, if your Septic Tank or Waste Water Treatment System is not working correctly you may need to upgrade or replace it.

See below for more information on finding out.

How do I identify if my septic tank is causing problems?

  • Blockages in manholes or slowly draining toilets
  • Wet patches in the garden
  • The Septic Tank requires frequent emptying
  • Storm or roof water entering the sewage system or leaking manholes
  • Wet areas around the Septic Tank or Percolation Area
  • The presence of nitrates and bacteria in your drinking water test results
  • The Septic Tank is connected to a ditch or stream
  • Odours from the Septic System or around the house

If I identify that my current septic tank has a problem and needs to be upgraded – What do I do?

Sepcon provides a professional and detailed Septic Tank upgrade service from start to finish throughout Ireland.
Our efficiency, buying power and highly skilled team get the job done on time and at the right price – We do all the work ourselves using our own equipment and materials.
We also can assess your septic tank for a home insurance claim.
On completion of the works we provide a full detailed portfolio containing everything you need relating to your Septic Tank upgrade – including complete compliance certificates.
So contact us today to see how we can help you with upgrading your Septic Tank.

What does a typical septic tank upgrade cost?

It's not possible to get a exact septic tank upgrade quotation without having a site assessment report, as you can imagine – without the final specification for your site in hand it’s a very tough one to call…
To give some general guidance, below are some average costs for upgrading or replacing your septic tank in Ireland. Please note that these are average costs and some jobs can cost more or less than below.
Soil Conditions Site Access 3 Bedroom Dwelling 6 Bedroom Dwelling
Excellent soil conditions Unrestricted €7,000 to €9,000 €9,500 to €10,500
Average soil conditions Unrestricted €9,000 to €13,500 €9,500 to €14,000
Average soil conditions Restricted €9,500 to €14,500 €11,000 to €16,000
Poor Soil Conditions Restricted €10,500 to €15,500 €11,500 to €17,500
Please Note: The above cost table is for general information purposes only – it is not a range of official costs from Sepcon.
Factors that influence the actual cost include: Site Size, Site Layout, Site Access, Soil Soakage, Water Table, Bedrock, Dwelling Population and many other factors. Excluding VAT.
In limited pre-defined areas, you may be eligible to apply for a septic tank grant of 85% or €12,000 towards the cost of the works. Click here for more grant info.
Example of works area for septic tank upgrading