Concrete Sewage Systems 6PE, 8PE and 12PE

Welcome to the home of Ireland's Leading Sewage System

The Sepcon BAF system has become synonymous with highly efficient and reliable waste water treatment systems.
Sepcon have managed to achieve efficiency levels - which comfortably exceed the required Irish, European and British Standards. Sepcon BAF Systems have also ensured that thousands of homeowners throughout Ireland and the UK are protecting their surrounding environment with minimal maintenance costs.
The Sepcon BAF is made from super strong reinforced fibre concrete, which unlike plastic or fiberglass tanks - does not need a concrete backfill and will not collapse from ground pressure or pop out of the ground after heavy rain.
Benefits of Sepcon BAF plus include:
✅ 5 Year Warranty.
✅ 5 Chambers.
✅ Reinforced Concrete Tank and Risers.
✅ Nationwide FREE Delivery and Installation by Sepcon crane truck.
✅ Ultra Low 1.45m Dig Invert
✅ 6 Person is a single 7,000 litre 5 chamber tank.
✅ 8 Person is a single 7,000 litre 5 chamber tank or choose our twin tank system with 8,000 litres.
✅ Durable BAF treatment technology, NOT ❌SBR❌ so it won't break down constantly.
✅ Renowned for reliability and efficiency.
✅ The longest desludging (emptying) intervals.
✅ CE to EN12566-3 and SR66
✅ Certified for your engineer & Local Authority.

Why choose the Sepcon BAF Sewage System?

  • We Manufacture and Supply Direct
  • Top Class Service & Support
  • S.R.66 Certified
  • EN12566-3 European Certified
  • Super Strong Fiber Reinforced Concrete Construction
  • Proven for over 25 years
  • Quite in operation
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Low inlet invert for shallow bedrock
  • Simplistic mechanics with no computers

How does the Sepcon BAF Sewage System Work?

Stage 1: The Primary Settlement Chamber
In the first stage of sewage treatment, anaerobic breakdown takes place in the primary settlement chamber. The waste water is introduced and the solids drop to the bottom, becoming separated from the liquid.

Stage 2: Twin Aeration Chambers
The next stage of the waste water treatment involves aerobic breakdown. This takes place in the two side by side aeration chambers, where masses of naturally occurring bacteria inhabit specially designed filter media. The Sepcon BAF has two aeration chambers side by side to ensure that there is a the highest levels of treatment. These bacteria are sustained with air, which is continuously supplied from a purpose-built pump in the unit’s top section. As the liquid flows slowly through the filter media, the bacteria feed on the waste and remove it from the liquid.

Stage 3: Final Settlement Chamber
In the last stage of waste water treatment, the liquid flows from the aeration chamber into the final settlement chamber. Suspended sludge consisting of bacteria is carried with the liquid into the settlement chamber and settles to the bottom of the chamber. The remaining treated liquid now meets the required standard to be safely passed out of the Sepcon BAF System.

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