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Sewage Treatment Systems for Single Dwellings

The Sepcon BAF system has become synonymous with high levels of efficiency and long-term reliability. Whether it is a new build, a renovation, or an upgrade, the Sepcon BAF is the most effective long-term solution for a one-off household.


Our systems are available in various sizes to cater for all properties from a 2-bedroom dwelling - all the way up to commercial developments and everything in-between.

All Sepcon tanks are made from super-strong fibre reinforced concrete. Unlike plastic or fiberglass tanks, they do not need a concrete backfill and will not crush from ground pressure or implode after emptying – a true long-term solution.


Over the last decade, we have managed to achieve the highest efficiency levels - which comfortably exceed the Irish, European and British Standards.


Remarkable reliability is also achieved due to the refined design, ease of maintenance and high quality of the components used – providing long term peace of mind.


We manufacture in-house, which allows us to provide a start to finish solution to suit our customers’ exact requirements.

Our clients benefit from bespoke long-term solutions while ensuring the best value and the highest levels of service are at the centre of our offering. Our customer reviews outline what you can expect from us.

Benefits of Sepcon BAF plus include:

✅10 year parts warranty.
✅ 5 chambers.
✅ Reinforced concrete tank
✅ Risers can be supplied
✅ Nationwide FREE delivery and installation by Sepcon crane truck.
✅ Ultra Low 1.45m Dig Invert
✅ 6 Person is a single 7,000 litre 5 chamber tank.
✅ 8 Person is a single 7,000 litre 5 chamber tank or choose our twin tank system with 8,000 litres.
✅ Durable BAF treatment technology.
✅ Renowned for reliability and efficiency.
✅ The longest desludging (emptying) intervals.
✅ CE to EN12566-3 and SR66
✅ Certified for your engineer & Local Authority.

Why choose the Sepcon BAF Sewage System?

  • 10 year perts warranty
  • We manufacture and supply direct
  • Top class service & support
  • S.R.66 certified
  • EN12566-3 European certified
  • Super strong fiber reinforced concrete construction
  • Proven for over 25 years
  • Quite in operation
  • Nationwide delivery
  • Low inlet invert for shallow bedrock
  • Simplistic mechanics with no computers

What's Inside

Legend: A to E

  • A = Finished ground level. (Access manholes B & C are also extendable to suit different ground levels)
  • B = Desludging access.
  • C = Discrete main access & green control box to blend in with your landscape.
  • D = Gravity discharge option. (Site Dependent)
  • = Pumped discharge option. (Site Dependent)

Legend: 1 to 7

  1. Waste water from the dwelling flows through the inlet into the primary chamber.
  2. Heavy solids naturally settle and form as sludge in the bottom of this chamber.
  3. Effluent flows into the first aeration chamber where is lightly aerated to help treat the water.
  4. Additional surface area (bio-media) is in the aeration chambers to help bacteria to naturally grow to break down the waste water.
  5. Treated water then flows to the second aeration chamber for an additional level of treatment.
  6. The now pre-treated water then flows into the final settlement chamber and settles.
  7. Any remaining solids settle to the bottom where they are transferred back to the primary chamber by air siphon. This feature also prevents the water from stagnating during extended periods of non-use.
  8. The treated water is now clean and ready to be discharged from the Sepcon BAF to the percolation area / polishing filter.
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6PE Standard


7PE Standard