Surveys of Existing Septic Tanks for House Sales

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Survey of existing septic tanks for house sales

Surveys of Existing Septic Tanks for House Sales

A vital aspect of any one-off dwelling purchase is a thorough inspection of the existing septic tank by a Qualified and Insured Firm.

Sepcon's engineering team is made up of fully Qualified and Fully Insured professionals with hands-on experience to provide you with a detailed report on the current condition of a existing septic tank. Dwellings most at risk of none compliance generally are pre-2000 - although it should be noted that even systems installed recently are still at risk of not been installed in accordance with the prescribed planning/regulations. We highly recommenced that all purchasers avail of a pre-purchase inspection in order to provide clarity on potential costs when moving forward with a purchase.

Sepcon provide Septic Tank Inspection Services throughout Ireland.

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